Behold I am making all things new. -Revelation 21.5

Truth. Love. Hope.
At New City we use three values that shape how we pursue life as the Church:

The Truth of Christ. At New City we want to talk about Jesus all the time. Whether in our preaching and teaching, among our community groups, in the music we sing and communion every week, we want to proclaim the truth of Jesus. But to proclaim Jesus means that we must proclaim the truth about ourselves too. Jesus coming to earth was the final statement against human self-sufficiency. Jesus came to Earth because we needed him. This is a church that needs Jesus! When we proclaim that truth we create a humble, sacrificial, welcoming, courageous church.

The Love of the Cross. This is a community that should love one another like Jesus loved us. That means we invest in smaller communities (we call them community groups) and train our leaders to help care for our families. It means that we take hospitality very seriously; our time, treasure, and talents are not for us but for each other and those who do not yet know Jesus. If we want to be Christians and have Christ at our center, we should expect to be split open for the same sorts of people for whom He suffered. Our posture toward the world is not conflict but invitation, not suspicion and judgment but grace. 

The Hope of the Kingdom. The calling of the Church is not only to proclaim the truth and embody it, but to be front line of the new kingdom Jesus brings. There is a rich history of Christianity creating the language and the motivation for movements that seek the common good. Whether abolitionism or the civil rights movement, the creation of hospitals and schools in impoverished communities among many possible examples, there is an undeniable connection between the Kingdom of God and the hope of the world. We believe the church should be the place where healing and renewal spring out into surrounding communities. Our city should know we exist, even if they have no intention of ever entering a church. Hilliard should benefit because we are here.