We believe the Gospel is the most important thing, and we are determined to know that first and most (1 Cor 2.2). That means we are not a conservative church first, or a liberal church first. We are not a political organization or a movement first. We are not hip or culture warriors first. We are not even Hilliardites first. We are Christians first and most. We believe a church should be so focused on the Gospel that all sorts of otherwise disagreeing people will find themselves worshipping next to one another, bound together by Christ alone.

We hope to see a city full of people who love Jesus, are reconciled to one another, and pursue the common good everywhere.

We believe the Bible is true and is the great story of God's determination to fix a broken world through Jesus (Col 1.19-20). The preaching, teaching, and worship in our church strives to be Biblical in every way.

We love church membership because it is our way of telling you that when you need us we'll be there for you. And we still want you to worship with us even if feel you can't become a member for one reason or another.

We believe Jesus welcomes sinners and pushes away those who think they have no sin. If you are in need of God's grace you are in the right place.

We give a significant portion of our church income away to people and organizations that need it. And we give to the planting of new churches and the revitalization of old ones too.   

We believe a church can connect people in a way that helps a suburb feel more like home, so we have home groups and play groups and whatever else we can do together. God loves a good party (Acts 14.17) so we try to party well. 

We are a church for Hilliard, not just in Hilliard.

We believe God desires a diverse congregation, as close to the Bible's picture of "every tribe and tongue" as possible. If you don't see anyone like you here we sure hope you'll stick around. 

We believe that God gave us the communion meal as a way to remember the Gospel and be spiritually nourished. So we celebrate communion every week.

We host Q/A sessions after sermons occasionally because hard questions should never remain hidden.

We make use of both ancient and modern resources, liturgies, songs, hymns, instruments, creeds, prayers, and anything else we can find that glorifies God and ministers the gospel in our worship. We believe that good music and good words stir the soul, so our worship aims to use the best of both. 

We believe a church should be a force for real transformation with new cities springing from old ones. 

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA).