Jesus turned power on its head in our salvation. Jesus set aside his power and became a servant. He embraced the weak and powerless. He made himself vulnerable and died a victim of a powerful state. Power triumphed seemingly, but with his resurrection and ascension Jesus turned power on its head. The Servant King now holds all power. Love triumphed over power and so Jesus restored the pillars of the earth: love and justice and mercy.

So Paul doesn’t obsess over seeking power, but rather devoting ourselves to the public good. Devote yourselves. Devote yourselves to good works, the works that profit all. It is the mercy and kindness and justice of Jesus working in us that matters in our city. It's the edge of Jesus' Kingdom. Loving Hilliard is our calling from Jesus. Serving others is more powerful than power. The fruit of Christians following in the footsteps of Jesus is showing perfect courtesy toward others and taking care to devote ourselves to good works in our city. This profits everyone and everyone is our concern. Serve our city. Love Hilliard

I get sucked in. Most of us do. Election years reveal our hearts have bought into the lie that what matters most is power. The fruit of embracing this lie is we speak evil, we fight, we hate. We grumble about “those people.” We get sucked in. In Paul’s day Christians held virtually no power in the public square. But he is not bothered. Paul reminds us there is something more powerful than power: working for the common good. Love comes first. It is counter-intuitive but true: Love is more powerful than power.