The chorus is that one part of the song you don’t have to mumble anymore. It’s the moment when you’re finally free to sing out with clarity and some sense of conviction. The chorus is catchy and usually short.

Psalm 117 is that short chorus for God’s people. It is a Psalm of praise for us to impress upon our lips; a praise worthy of singing for the LORD’s steadfast love and faithfulness.  The LORD’s love for his people is great, it is powerful and it prevails like the waters of a flood. The LORD is faithful to his promises. They are as fresh today as they were when they were established. 

While Psalm 117 is the shortest of all the Psalms, the aim of its content is far-reaching. It is a song for all to hear. All the people groups of the earth and all the nations are to hear of the LORD’s steadfast love, of his enduring faithfulness. Church, we’re given a truly beautiful chorus. May it resound loudly from our lives.