The narrative of loss runs through all of our lives. Divorce, cancer, congestive heart failure, the struggle and strife to survive. This is not the way it is supposed to be and the Scriptures don’t ask us to sweep our suffering under the rug. They don’t ask us to put on a front when we leave for the office in the morning. Instead, there is a place for sorrow and sadness within Christianity. There is a place for lament. Jesus meets us where we are. He comforts us in our valley with a promise from Revelation 22:3, "no longer will there be any curse." No longer will there be the fracturing of the family. No longer will doctors have to diagnose terminal illnesses. No longer will there be strife and struggle to make ends meet. No longer will the narrative of loss be present in our lives. Jesus will wipe every tear from our eye. Come, Lord Jesus!