Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount shapes us into a Kingdom community, a people who value what Jesus values and prioritizes what Jesus prioritizes. In Matthew 7:1-6, Jesus provides us with relational wisdom because we desperately need it.  We’re a problem-solving culture. We’ve been indoctrinated to fix this or fix that like someone pulling an all-nighter on Sudoku.  

Relationally, this approach doesn’t work. Jesus says instead if you really want to be of help to your brother or sister in Christ, if you really want to be shaped into a Kingdom community then first: examine your own life. Grieve and mourn your sin. Remember your neediness for Jesus. Allow the gospel of grace to root out any pride or any hint of a superiority complex. Only after you’ve removed the log from your eye are you ready to help your brother or sister remove the speck out of their eye.