It may help us, in our struggle to read and understand the Old Testament, to see that the judgment against Israel in Isaiah 10 shapes the ministry of Jesus in Matthew 8.

Israel, God's people, are judged because they ignored the poor and the widow, because while they were willing to wear the brand of God's People, they were not willing to reflect the character of God's People. There is nothing closer to the heart of God than welcoming the suffering. If we do not first see God's determination to bind up the broken from Isaiah 10 we will certainly see it in Matthew 8. The God that reached out in judgment of his own people now reaches out in compassion through Christ for the untouchable and the unloveable, the outsider. God's wrath shows up in the Scriptures when there's something to be mad about, when there's someone to save. In that we should rejoice, because we are the poor and the broken too, which means that while poverty, abuse, or suffering may feel close to us, the heart of God is closer.