The parable of the vinedresser (mt. 20) is one of the most offensive in the Scriptures, or the most hopeful. Day laborers attend to a vineyard and are paid the same wages, both the early laborers who worked the long, hot hours, and the last-minute laborers, those who only worked the final hour of the day. Things to take away from this:

There is good work and reward for last-minute laborers. For those who were not born into the professional religious class of Jesus' day he was opening the door wide for entry into His kingdom. Even for those who have not taken their faith seriously, there is hope: the day is always now for faith in Christ. He welcomes us.

Beware pride. The day laborers were promised a wage and received it. They were treated fairly. But their complaint was for what others received. This kind of envious preoccupation with the lives of other people is poisonous and ungrateful. Thankfully the Lord of the Vineyard is gracious to both the late-comer and the proud, competent ones. May we rejoice in the goodness of God to us as we labor this week!

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