In the back of our minds many of us are asking, “Do I matter?” or “Does anyone care about me?” Sometimes these questions play loudly on repeat and other times they’re subtle but still there. Psalm 23 helps to silence these questions. It is a well-known passage perhaps because it is so widely used, and for good reasons. This psalm speaks to one of humanity’s most innate desires: the need to be cared for. We long for this and David uses two metaphors to make it abundantly clear that the Lord cares for his people (Shepherd and Host).

The Lord cares for his people like a Shepherd. His care is holistic and abundant so that we may not lack or be in need (v.1). He brings rest, guides us towards a life of blessing and walks alongside us, escorting us in the face of danger (v.v.2-4). Also, the Lord is a Host whose guests aren’t merely acquaintances invited for one day, but guests who live with Him. His goodness and mercy follows or pursues them wherever they go and they have the great confidence that his commitment to them is unending (v.6)