In Jeremiah 1, we see that Jeremiah, a prophet of the LORD, was given the task to call God’s people back to being the vehicle of blessing to the nations. Jeremiah’s audience, Judah (the Northern Kingdom), had forsaken the Lord their God. They had formed allegiances with other gods (v.16) and their hardness of heart was going to make it very, very difficult for them to hear Jeremiah’s preaching. As daunting as they were, we miss out on the grace of God in this text if we focus solely on the circumstances (v.v. 14-16) facing Jeremiah. In the midst of the heated opposition and arduous persecution, God’s grace enables Jeremiah for his uphill battle. Jeremiah must get ready for work and be willing to rely on the LORD for the words to say (v.17) and for the protection (v.19) needed to call God’s people back to be a light to the nations.