Job here wonders aloud about his hope. He feels lost in grief, such that his "members" i.e. his body parts have no life; he is as good as dead. But it is faith to ask for faith; it is hope to ask for hope, and this is what Job is doing. He seeks the God for his faith in God. This is the most basic, and perhaps most common, profile of belief. Sometimes the best we can do is realize that our faith is small and that God himself must save our faith in him. Interestingly King David, in Psalm 139, borrows from Job 17 in considering the anonymity of the grave: if he goes to bed in the grave, then what? While Job leaves the question open David answers his own question of despair with the admission that God will chase him down, even to the grave. This is faith, we should not be ashamed of it. May we look to the God of our little faiths, for he loves us!

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