From time to time, many of us place our faith in success, a picture-perfect family or being liked by others. When we take good things like working hard or the well-being of our families and make them the ultimate aim of our lives we find ourselves on a performance treadmill running at a pace that is physically impossible for us to maintain. John 10 tells us that Jesus isn’t like other gods and in this text we see us a picture of the God that we all really want, a Savior who truly satisfies our hearts. 

Jesus is our Good Shepherd and he gives up his own life for us (v.v. 11-12, 18). He gives himself and is self-serving unlike the self-seeking gods of success and reputation. The Good Shepherd also knows his sheep. It can be easy for this truth to lose its meaning. What is expressed here isn’t a ‘Jesus sorta or kinda knows his sheep’, but instead it is a knowledge of his sheep in the same manner that God the Father and God the Son know one another (v.v.14-15). There’s no closer intimacy than this. In Jesus there is salvation and that’s when our hearts can truly find rest and truly be satisfied (v.v. 7-9).