Psalm 8 takes God’s people on a tour along the beauty of his handiwork in nature and in humanity. When we’re confronted with the larger-than-life wonders of His creation we can praise his beauty. Whether we’re consumed by the vastness of the Milky Way on a summer night or whether we stand at the bottom of the world’s tallest waterfall gazing up to its edge, these wonders were given to us to enjoy.

Not only does God display his beauty in nature, but he does so in our humanity. You and I have been given great dignity. We are significant to Him. He is mindful of us (v. 4). He cares for us and moves towards us; this is His posture. We’re also given dominion to rule over creation for the common good. This isn’t an exploitation but instead, we get to be involved in God’s process of making all things new and seeing creation flourish to be a blessing to all.