I have occasional discussions with skeptics about the idea of contradictions in the Bible. For me the starkest example of this kind of inconsistency is found in the book of Proverbs. When we study this book we learn about the skill required to live in a godly way. We learn about the way of wisdom and folly, the way of life and death. Regularly we are told not to waste our time with fools, not to save a person of wrath (19.19) because he will simply get himself in trouble again. We are taught to exercise caution and to beware our choices for close friends and business partners. The Book of Proverbs encourages wisdom and discernment.

And yet in the whole of the Scriptures there is no one less cautious, who chooses worse friends, who spends more time with fools and dines with the wrathful and ignorant and dangerous - than Jesus. In his earthly ministry he is the proverbial Great Man, and he is also the biggest fool of all, because he is willing to save to the uttermost all these sinners and blunderers, all these birds of the same feather. It is a blessed contradiction, one we should celebrate.