“It is the Jesus who was who said, "Come unto me, all yea that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest," and it is the Jesus who says it now--he unto whom all hearts are open, all desires known and from whom no secrets are hid--and says it almost unbearably to every last one of us, the young as well as the old, the lucky as well as the unlucky, the victimizer as well as the victim, because there is not one of us who is not in some way heavy laden and in need of what it is that he brings. Perhaps it is by what he brings that we know best the Jesus who is. To the blinded he brings vision. To the deafened the sound of a voice unlike all other voices. To the deadened the breath of life. Rest.”
-Frederick Buechner

Who is Jesus? He is described many ways in the Scriptures but it is our hope that for you Jesus is savior. He is the one who saves us: from sins (Mt 1.21), from unbelief (Mk 9.24), from darkness (Jn 1.5), from eternal death. Jesus is the one who entered into the world like one of us - wearing human skin. Jesus is the one who entered into the world not like us - like light in darkness. He was sinless among sinners. He was God’s son while also being God himself, which means that he was the only one with the power to put our broken world right again (Col 1.19-20). He not only saves sinners but he heals an entire created world with them. He did so, the Bible says, by going to the Cross and dying one death for the death due us all. And the Bible says he did this joyfully (Heb 12.2) because of his love for us.

He saved all who place their faith in him by taking our sin upon himself and giving us his righteousness, his holiness, his goodness. He took our place (2 Cor 5.21).

So when we talk about Jesus we mean the God who became man so that we could be saved. And the God who became poor so that we could become rich (2 Cor 8.9). But most of all the God who invites us to come to him, despite everything and against all odds. It is this God that we love and serve in the new city he is creating.